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GIS Development and Management


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been implemented worldwide and is being used more intensively by various spheres of government in South Africa.  In municipalities GIS is used to create, store, analyse and display a variety of information about the earth's surface, such as different land uses, physical infrastructure & environmental potential, demographic information and aerial photographs. This will have a far reaching management impact and will supply the  exact, mapped location, attribute data and quantities of stands, assets and services, as well as indicating the inaccessibility and over/under utilization of these services and allow one to pinpoint problem areas. GIS is not just confined to Government and Municipalities but also assists in forestry, agriculture and engineering disciplines.

1.      Data Capturing
2.      Vector and Raster Mapping Solutions
3.      Field Data Collecting, Importing, Linking and Evaluation Of Assets
4.      Spatial Asset Registers and Database
5.      Sourcing & Supplying of Cadastral Base Data and Topographical Information
6.      GIS Desktop Management
7.      Field To Office Support And Assistance
8.      Design Support
9.      Drafting and Printing Services
10.    GIS Design
11.    Data Sourcing

Spatial Data Warehouse:
The Spatial data sets is available in Vector format (Shapefiles, DGN, DWG or DXF) or Raster format (TIFF, MR SID, JPEG etc.).The data is available in WGS84 Ellipsoid, suitable for GPS technology.