We embrace and support the principles of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment as embodied by the Construction Charter.  We have adopted a transformation strategy to advance to at least level 4 of the Construction Charter.  This will entail, among others to assist our black staff members through training and mentorship to grow into management positions.  We encourage our personnel to further their studies through our bursary scheme.  We also assist various fulltime students with bursaries.

Endecon Ubuntu (Pty) Ltd utilizes the latest electronic technology for the design, draughting, project management and administrative processes. Hardware and software is upgraded at regular intervals.

Details of the computer software utilised on a regular basis are as follows:


The percentage shareholding held in Endecon Ubuntu (Pty) Ltd after consolidation of the Group is as follows:


Endecon Ubuntu was established in July 1999, as part of the Endecon Group, to provide consulting services in Civil and Structural Engineering and in Project Management.  The Endecon Group was consolidated, with Endecon Ubuntu (Pty) Ltd becoming the sole operating company as from 1 March 2008.

Endecon Ubuntu (Pty) Ltd has developed into a successful company, with a proven track record, not only in South Africa, but also international.  We offer a high quality service in all the fields of civil and structural engineering and project management.

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