Riverside Park Ext 12: Industrial Park

 This project entails the planning, design and implementation supervision of construction of all civil engineering infrastructure services at Riverside Extension 12 Industrial Park. The contract covered the following:

•    Water reticulation;
•    Sewer reticulation;
•    Special implemented measures to retain stormwater run-off;
•    Internal streets.


3.1    Water Reticulation

The installation of an uPVC water reticulation pipe network (total length of ± 720 m) with stand connections to each stand.  The pipe sizes are 160 mm Ø.

3.2         Sewer

Installation of a PVC sewer reticulation pipe network (total length of ± 800 m) with stand connections to each stand.  The pipe sizes are 160 mm Ø.

3.3         Internal streets

The construction of approximately ± 600m of internal streets.  All streets were surfaced with 80 mm thick interlocking paving bricks and mountable kerbs at both sides.  

3.4       Stormwater system

A specialised stormwater retaining and collection system was designed and constructed. The system contained a combination of swales and infiltration trenches that were designed to capture the first flush of a runoff event, and thereby increase filtration and flow retardation. The vegetated swales were designed to slowly convey storm water runoff, trap pollutants, promote infiltration and reduce flow velocities.
A volume of storm water runoff is diverted into the trench where it infiltrates into the surrounding soil.

The remainder of the normal stormwater is accommodated within the roadway with kerb inlets at low points at regular intervals which connected to a sub-surface storm water pipe network (total length of ± 820 m).

Additional Info

  • Province: Mpumalanga
  • City or Town: Riverside Park
  • Project Date: 2008 to 2009
  • Project Value: R 6 800 000
  • Client Name: H.L. Halls & Sons Properties (Pty) Ltd
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