Rehabilitation and Strengthening Of Crocodile River Bridge - 2015

This project entails the refurbishment and strengthening of the Old Crocodile River Bridge.  The bridge comprises two 20m plate girder end spans and two 32m steel truss main spans. The total length of the bridge is 104m.  The riding surface kerb to kerb width is 4.94 m. The assessment of the bridge showed that the structure cannot withstand adequate loadings as per the South African design code TMH 7 parts 1 and 2.  However, once rehabilitated as required by this contract the structure will be able to carry the NB24 loading.


Localised damaged steel sections (damaged due to corrosion) was replaced or repaired and eight steel struts on the main spans was strengthen. The existing bridge profile consisted of asphaltic surface over granular pavement layer on top of continuous steel troughs. The existing surfacing and all pavement layers on the bridge deck was removed and replaced with reinforced concrete and shear stud connectors forming a composite deck-slab system. Walkways were constructed on both sides to accommodate pedestrian movement and the 3.6m carriageway was surfaced with 40mm medium continuous grade asphalt.  Five proprietary expansion joints were installed to accommodate movement of decks. All steel elements were grit blasting and a corrosion protection system applied. 

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