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Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering

ENDECON UBUNTU (Pty) Ltd prides itself in providing high quality transportation solutions that are globally competitive at locally competitive costs.  We have the necessary skills and experience to tackle a wide range of contemporary transportation issues confronting developers and authorities in today’s turbulent financial circumstances.  We make extensive use of the latest international transportation planning software but we always take care to adequately consider local conditions in the application thereof.  We rely on close consultation with our clients and relevant authorities to make sure we fully understand the challenges at hand before developing appropriate solutions that are cost effective.

ENDECON UBUNTU (Pty) Ltd provides the following transportation planning and traffic engineering related services: 
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Access Strategy Studies
  • Parking Studies and Parking Layout Design
  • Site Circulation Studies and Site Circulation Layout Designs
  • Pedestrian Studies and Pedestrian Facilities Design
  • Public Transport Studies
  • Intersection Design
  • Capacity Analysis of Transportation Facilities
  • Traffic Signal Analysis and Design
  • Transportation Master Planning (Private and  Public Transport)
  • Transportation Modelling
  • Micro Simulation and Detailed Road Network and Intersection Analysis
  • Master Planning of Transport Networks
  • Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning
  • Traffic Data Surveys (Classified Traffic Counts, O-D Surveys, Pedestrian Counts, Etc.)
  • Road Safety Audits